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the boys got on like a like a cauldron on fire
Title: Ten Things Albus Dumbledore Knew About Gellert Grindelwald… 
2nd-Aug-2007 02:15 am
buddha clap
Title: Ten Things Albus Dumbledore Knew About Gellert Grindelwald
Author/Artist: Julia (youokayhoney/demon_dear)
Rating: G/PG borderline (I fail at ratings... almost everything I write is right in there.)
Pairing or Character(s): light Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Disclaimer: Don't own a bit of it. Also, the format (not exact, but basic numbering idea) and title were inspired by a Sirius&James story that I can't find for the life of me.
Warnings: ...um.... vague, slightly implied slash?
Author's Note: This is especially for cecine, since she's said this is going to be her first AD/GG fic (hope you like it!) and for imagines for making my search for AD/GG comms a lot easier. ;) And my first AD/GG fic, as well as one of my first fics posted to a comm.... eep.

Gellert couldn't stand spiders. Any spider that got remotely near him was Banished to the other side of the room the moment he noticed it. Usually the wand movements that accompanied the spells were rather erratic, as if he was (for once) in too much of a hurry to get the spell done to worry about technique.
Albus eventually took pity on him and created special wards to keep spiders out of Gellert’s great-aunt’s house and the Dumbledores’, and also made sure to set them up whenever they were outside.

Gellert could draw better than he liked to let on. Sketches filled the margins of any notes he took, some simply the mark of the Hallows, some of the Hallows themselves, and some, later, of Albus. Despite how detailed so many of the drawings were, he always managed to get every word of their conversations written down.
After Ariana died, Albus tore Gellert’s sketches out of the notes he had, then burned the notes.

Gellert hated chocolate. The first time Albus offered him some, Gellert told him about his dislike for it, but tried a tiny bite anyway. The look on his face after tasting it made his feelings quite obvious, and also quite entertaining; Albus hadn’t laughed as hard since before his mother died. Gellert just threw the rest of the chocolate at him and pulled the papers they had been studying over to his side of the table.
Albus barely ate any chocolate at all that summer.

Gellert climbed out on the roof of Bathilda Bagshot’s house every night that he lived there, just to look at the stars. It was actually how they had met- Albus had been leaning out the window to see if it had been a small owl or just an unnaturally large insect that had hit the wall, and had happened to glance up and see the blonde boy on the roof of the house next door.
After they became friends, Albus joined him whenever he felt comfortable being out of the house that late.

Gellert had an excellent memory. He always used to tease Albus about anything he forgot, and Albus never could get him back. The moment he heard or saw something, it was committed to memory forever. Sometimes Albus hated him for it, but most of the time it was really quite useful.
Albus had always known he would be the one who needed a Pensieve.

Gellert never wore black if he could help it. Not only was it “too hot”, but it was “too dark”. Albus thought that was a bit ironic, but still understood. Gellert had always played up his sweet, charismatic side, not the Dark side, and black was apparently too Dark for him.
It made it easier to fight Voldemort, but Albus never stopped doing a double-take whenever he saw a golden-haired man wearing a purple robe.

Gellert was better at interacting with animals than he was with most humans. The strays around Godric’s Hollow loved him. It got to a point where, if they studied outside, Gellert always ended up with a cat in his lap and a dog curled against his side.
Albus was glad Fawkes had never known Gellert, or that would have been one more reminder of who- no, what- he had lost.

Gellert had to have some sort of background noise to concentrate on anything. Whether it was his own humming, Bathilda singing off-key downstairs, Aberforth reading a book to Ariana in the next room, or general outdoors-sounds, it had to be there or he was completely useless.
Albus eventually got used to it, but for the first week or so it was incredibly frustrating to someone who was used to complete silence while studying.

Gellert loved Shakespeare. He thought Romeo and Juliet were “complete idiots- he could’ve at least waited around a little while before he took the poison, just in case”, but he loved A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar. Albus thought Robin Goodfellow was the attraction of he former, and the overthrow of a tyrant the appeal of the latter.
The last words Gellert said to Albus, just before he was taken to Nurmengard, were “Midsummer Night’s Dream, act one, scene one, line 136.” 1

Gellert always had sherbet lemons in his pockets. Albus had never had one before he met Gellert, but never quite seemed to permanently lose his fondness for them afterwards. One the one hand, they reminded him of summer and love and stargazing; on the other, they reminded him of Ariana’s death and pain and loss.
Still, he never could kick the habit.

"The course of true love never did run smooth."

cross-posted to nurmengard and my fic journal, demon_dear.
2nd-Aug-2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
when Dumbledore sees Lockheart poncing around the castle with his golden curls in CoS, he probably thinks, "How DARE you try to look as dashing and handsome as my boyhood sweetheart?"
Yes! Yes! Someone write this scene!
2nd-Aug-2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Watching CoS so I can. Can't find the book, so this is all I have.... woo.
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Aug-2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, you can't say all that and just not do it! I want to see this now. Crackfic please!
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Aug-2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
Hurrah! Shifty looks are always a good sign. ;)

:D It'll probably be fairly short, since I fail at things that are any sort of long, but...
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